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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2269 war ladybug
“Of study course.”
He was heading, needless to say. It was subsequently just…
Lin Que said, “Qin Zong isn’t foolish. 9th Sibling is Auntie Rong’s biological son, in the end, so he’s less risky than an followed son no matter how you see it!”
When Lin Que peeked for the mobile phone monitor, he was surprised. “Why is Qin Zong contacting Ninth Buddy?”
Si Yehan put up up.
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“Director Si! You arrived in Tianshui City today?”
The next day, at the most high-finish eating place in Tianshui Community:
“D*mn! The reason why Eldest Pass up Qin also on this page?! How is this a wedding celebration evening meal? This might be a… dating dinner, appropriate?” Lin Que grumbled to him or her self.
At that moment, Si Yehan’s cellphone began ringing, along with the unknown caller ID stated it was Vice President Qin.
“Yes, I arrived in the evening.”
Yu Shao mentioned, “The formulation of new procedures is a fantastic groundbreaking relocate that will replace the Separate State’s record. An achiever doesn’t bother with trifles. This subordinate is convinced that Overlook Nie is responsible, encountered, flexible, and thoughtful, and isn’t an unreasonable particular person. Moreover, an excellent reason for why you’re achieving this is for her, if you go over it with her adequately, I’m sure Overlook Nie will fully grasp.”
“Nephew Si, you’re finally here! Come in quickly permit me to show you anyone!” The instant Qin Zong spotted Si Yehan, he enthusiastically welcome him inside and brought him to his little girl. “Nephew, allow me to expose for you. That is my child, Qin Xiyuan!”
Considering that Si Yehan mentioned that, it wasn’t Yu Shao’s destination to say a single thing much more.
When Lin Que peeked within the smartphone tv screen, he was astonished. “Why is Qin Zong getting in touch with Ninth Sibling?”
Just who provided the false impression that demoness would understand, huh???
Right then, Si Yehan’s phone began ringing, as well as the mystery caller ID said it was Vice President Qin.
“Haha, it’s uncommon for the Arbitration Council to possess this sort of exceptional youngster, and I enjoy befriend ready people like Director Si. So it’s set up then! See you tomorrow, Director Si. You ought to occur.”
Yu Shao started: “But, sir…”
“Director Si! You showed up in Tianshui Metropolis today?”
He was proceeding, of course. It had been just…
Being placed in the main seat was V . P . Qin, but Qin Zong didn’t occur all alone. Being seated to his left was actually a sensible and slender woman with extraordinarily fantastic looks.
Yu Shao explained, “The formulation of brand new principles will certainly be a great pioneering proceed that may modify the Independent State’s background. An achiever doesn’t hassle with trifles. This subordinate believes that Miss out on Nie is reliable, knowledgeable, variable, and thoughtful, and isn’t an silly particular person. On top of that, an excellent reason behind why you’re doing this is for her, so if you speak about it with her properly, I’m sure Miss out on Nie will comprehend.”
“Great, wonderful! I set aside a restaurant to provide you with a welcoming down the road!”
The following day, at most large-stop cafe in Tianshui Location:
Prior to Yu Shao could react, Si Yehan spoke up. “Don’t talk about this procedure once again.”
“Great, great! I reserved a restaurant to offer you a enticing down the road!”
Just who presented the mistaken belief that demoness would understand, huh???
Your thinking were actually improper from the start, okay?!
At that moment, Si Yehan’s cellphone started out buzzing, plus the caller ID stated it was Vice President Qin.
“Perhaps she could comprehend it, having said that i can’t undertake it,” Si Yehan responded.
“Of course.”
Ahead of Yu Shao could reply, Si Yehan spoke up. “Don’t talk about this technique yet again.”
Your thinking have been wrong from the start, ok?!
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Si Yehan also didn’t expect to have Qin Zong to get Neglect Qin with him. His steps paused along with his brows imperceptibly knitted.
“Haha, it’s scarce for any Arbitration Authority to own an spectacular kid, and I enjoy befriend competent individuals like Director Si. So it’s set up then! View you the future, Director Si. You will need to occur.”
Right before Yu Shao could answer back, Si Yehan spoke up. “Don’t mention this procedure once again.”
Si Yehan didn’t respond and merely stared at his phone, shed in idea.

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