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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2321 incandescent obsequious
Medusa glanced at Si Yehan and tactfully claimed, “Judging from his up-to-date att.i.tude, I reckon that’s unlikely…â€�
It was subsequently the identical specific words… as last night…
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It turned out precisely the same particular words… as survive night…
Just after proclaiming that, she directly snapped close the launched file in Si Yehan’s hands and filled it into Yi Lingjun’s arms. “Now you aren’t occupied.â€�
Ye Wanwan’s lips curled up in a beautiful and bewitching smirk as she slowly leaned lower, stopping next to Si Yehan’s ear canal. “Director Si, I’m not looking for your view.â€�
2321 Forceful abduction
All the friends ended up simply incredulous and their sight simultaneously chance toward Ye Wanwan.
Virtually everyone’s gazes ended up glued to the gal.
When Yi Lingjun saw his little princess getting close them, he inquired in reference to his eye, “What are you currently accomplishing now? He clearly doesn’t want to talk to you! He directly refused you yesterday evening!â€�
Medusa said, “Eh…�
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The truth is, ahead of Ye Wanwan could do anything, Yi Lingjun possessed hogged Si Yehan all to himself another Si Yehan arrived.
I’m the daughter of your Arbitration Council’s director now!
Si Yehan’s introduction still evoked a serious large wave.
All the observers: “…�
Ye Wanwan excitedly considered Medusa and exclaimed, “Why am I chasing him or inquiring him over a time? Why should i browse through the difficulties of choosing him? With my existing ident.i.ty and back ground, I can throw my weight around and abduct him forcefully!�
It was the exact same precise words… as last night…
Si Yehan’s att.i.tude was really a significant struck to Ye Wanwan, and she was struggling to endure the setback, listlessly being placed in her seating.
When Yi Lingjun observed his child drawing near them, he asked together with his eyes, “What are you presently carrying out now? He clearly doesn’t want to speak with you! He directly rejected you yesterday!â€�
The many family and friends had been simply incredulous and their eyeballs simultaneously photo toward Ye Wanwan.
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The many visitors were definitely simply incredulous along with their vision simultaneously golf shot toward Ye Wanwan.
Every one of the observers: “…�
Each of the observers: “…�
The many observers: “…�
He actually rejected her once more!!!
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2321 Forceful abduction
It observed too bad to be able to see him but unable to contact him!
Medusa cleared her tonsils right before calming her. “Little Junior Sister, this shows he’s devotedly faithful to you, so you have to be happy rather! If you retrieve your ident.i.ty as Worriless Nie, you are able to continue on whatever date you want!â€�
Wasn’t there… a problem with those words and phrases? But after carefully thinking about it, it sounded rather realistic?
Every one of the observers: “…�
Just about everyone’s gazes ended up stuck to this girl.
Everyone was waiting around for the upcoming scoop of gossip, but Miss out on Yi didn’t appear to present any reaction to Si Yehan’s planned arrival and stayed sitting where she was, conversing with Medusa without any look at Si Yehan.
Each and every visitor read until this haughty and condescending Pass up Yi ignored every person but solely traded a handful of words with Si Yehan and welcomed him to dance with her.

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